The advanced curriculum employed at Palm Tree School has been carefully hand-picked by the PTS Administration.  Through this curriculum, students are challenged on a daily basis to meet and surpass their learning goals.  This means that each and every student is academically supported and invested in each and every day, and ensuring that all students receive the proper education they deserve.  


Students partake in the memorization of the Holy Quran. In these courses students are taught to read and recite the Quran on their own and strengthen their connection with the Quran. We at palm Tree School believe that it is through the memorization of Quran that all the students’ remaining affairs are made easy. 

Arabic Language:

At Palm Tree School, students are taught to read, write, and speak the Arabic Language. As we all know, this language holds a special place in the religion of Islam, as it is the language of the Quran. In Arabic Class, students are taught vocabulary words, read stories and partake in projects. Students also partake in conversations as to practice and apply what they learn.

Islamic Studies:

One of the key differentiators of Palm Tree School from other schools is its commitment to providing an outstanding Islamic education to our students.  The curriculum covers a number of critical topics such as: fiqh, aqeedah, seerah, and manners.

Our Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies courses run parallel with our secular curriculum allowing for each student to receive a well rounded education in both matters of academia and Islam.


Palm Tree School takes its students through a world of literature, grammar, reading and spelling that helps students develop into young authors. Students expand their creativity through reading and exploring the many different types of genres.


Once the students enter into the science classroom, they are entering into a world of experimentation. 

At Palm Tree School, students are not confined to a classroom, but rather explore many educational approaches such as field trips, scientific experimentation, and much more.


Our history courses take our students around the world, helping them explore the many different aspects of life. Whether this is in teaching American History, Social Studies, or how to be good citizens in a Civics class.

We understand that the concept of exploration can not be taught in a classroom, so we coincide this with field trips, guest speakers, and plays.