The High School years are very delicate years as they mark the beginning of growth and adolescence. For many children these are the years of uncertainty. At this current stage, adolescents require attention and care that will provide the guidance needed to face many obstacles in life. We at Palm Tree School understand this, and give each student the special care and attention that he/she requires. This can be seen in the one-on-one teaching styles, and the special preparation teachers undertake to fit the needs of each child.

In its intensive curriculum, Palm Tree School provides Math, English, Science, and History. In these courses, students develop leadership skills, expand their creativity and are challenged on a more advanced level. At Palm Tree School, students are not confined to a classroom but rather explore many educational approaches such as field trips, scientific experimentation, and much more. 

More importantly, Palm Tree School teaches the implementation of the Quran and the Sunnah. Not only taking it upon itself to challenge its students but also taking young men and women of all backgrounds and assisting them into becoming well-mannered, ambitious young adults.

Following these years, a student will Insha’Allah be prepared to enter any college of his/her choice with a remarkable educational background. As Palm Tree School graduates, they will not be entering college as any student may, but rather as ambitious, educated, and well-mannered young men and women.