All faculty and staff at Palm Tree School strive to consistently abide by three things: a sincere intention to impart beneficial knowledge to our next generation, a sincere intention to instill virtuous manners in our next generation, and a personal investment in fulfilling the trust of those matters.  

Providing a superior education and maintaining a positive atmosphere begins and ends with the teachers. Our teachers are committed to the success and development of every student that walks through our doors, catering to every student’s individual needs.

Our teachers and staff, combined, have over 300 years of experiences, between PhDs, Masters, and degrees and between schools and universities teaching experiences.

With that being said, PTS teachers and staff are regularly undergoing professional developments under the training of the highest educators and directors of educational institutes in the nation and internationally to constantly enhance their class management.

Our selection process for our teachers came with an understanding that a highly distinguished curriculum, state of the art facilities, and prime location could either be enhanced or undermined by the quality of our faculty.  As a result, we selected teachers who were an embodiment of the very message that Palm Tree School was founded upon: Excellence in academics, Deen, and manners. These qualities are what make our teachers the most valuable asset of Palm Tree School and an integral part to the success of our school.

We are excited for you to experience our faculty’s professionalism, excellence, and dedication first-hand.