PTS at a glance

Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said:

"Inform me of a tree which resembles a Muslim, giving its fruits at every season by the permission of its Lord, and the leaves of which do not fall."

When nobody spoke, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "It is the date-palm tree

Every child is born into the world ready to be taught and shaped into the person whom those around him desire him to be.  Each one, a seed that grows according to its environment and the care it’s given.  At Palm Tree School, our mission is to grow the children we are entrusted with into the likeness of the palm tree itself: a person who is beneficial in all ways, and at all times and places. This can only be achieved if one has proper knowledge of the Deen and upstanding manners, while also having knowledge of beneficial worldly matters - all of which are Alhamdullah instilled in the students at Palm Tree School.

Our vision

Our vision at PTS is a generation of Muslims and citizens raised upon correct knowledge and manners, who are beneficial to themselves, their family and friends, and to society as a whole; just as every part of the Palm Tree is beneficial, our students are taught to be constructive, helpful, beneficial in every aspect of their lives in every way they can to whom we can pass the torch of responsibility for all future generations to come Insha Allah. 

Our Mission

The Date Palm represents the qualities of the Palm Tree School. The Palm Tree School is committed to the development, education and growth of its students by providing a first-class education for students to succeed in their academic, professional lives and Deen Insha’Allah.

PTS Accreditation

The Palm Tree School is accredited by AdvancED whose accreditation process has been approved by the Virginia Council for Private Education as authorized by the Virginia State Board of Education.