Middle school represents the second step of a student’s academic journey. Middle school is meant to challenge individuals and help them develop vital skills like critical thinking, abstract reasoning, public speaking and leadership. These important skills will be covered along with numerous other topics in order to challenge our students and prepare them for the rigors of high school learning. We plan to do this by implementing a highly developed curriculum that will cover all of the essential middle school subjects (math, science, social studies, reading/writing) while also continuing to build on the student’s Islamic knowledge.

Middle school is also a time when a student begins to discover their strengths and passions. In order to promote this process our staff and administration have designed an incredibly diverse extracurricular program, which will introduce students to a number of new and exciting activities. These activities will include everything from student senate to community service projects to athletics and professional development. Collectively these activities will give the student the rare opportunity to learn outside of the classroom in a fun and engaging environment.

Our students will insha’Allah have a unique middle school experience that will give them a well rounded education and a competitive edge as they continue their academic careers.