Laptops to Students 1:1 Ratio  iPads to K & 1st Graders: 1:1 Ratio

Laptops to Students 1:1 Ratio

iPads to K & 1st Graders: 1:1 Ratio

PTS's Mission is to Graduate highly educated and well mannered  students

PTS's Mission is to Graduate highly educated and well mannered students

Now Enrolling International Students

Now Enrolling International Students

Accredited by AdvanceED:      NCA CASI - NWAC - SACS CASI

Accredited by AdvanceED:      NCA CASI - NWAC - SACS CASI

Raising generations to benefit Nations

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The Palm Tree School has developed an advanced curriculum that not only follows the State and the County Curriculum, but in addition to our secular studies we have designed a comprehensive Islamic Studies curriculum.

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Please visit our admissions process to get a better understanding of the application process and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at (703) 665-9915 or click on the Enroll Now button located at the top of this page.

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About Us

The Palm Tree School is committed to the development, education and growth of its students by providing a first-class education for students to succeed in their academic, professional lives, and deen.

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  • I have all my kids studying on Palm Tree School, which has an excellent learning facilities such as one laptop too to each student. In term on educational attainment, my kids learn a lot and their educational skills developed so fast due to good educational environment, helpful administrative staff, and excellent faculty members. I do recommend Palm Tree School for who's willing to have talented, knowledge and creatived kids.
    — Ahmed AL Murshedi
  • Palm Tree School is the definition of an ideal school system, not only regarding academics, but also in terms of religious teachings and mannerisms.
    — Alla Taha
  • Best school in the NOVA/DC/MD area. I have never come across a school that is so committed to teaching their students about the correct mannerism of a Muslim. . . . [M]y children currently are enrolled in the weekend school. . . . [A]nd my oh my when I say I have seen a TREMENDOUS difference. They are currently in a public school, but after enrolling them in the palm tree after school program they have jumped 1 grade level and are much more advanced than their peers.
    — Fawziya Suliman
  • This islamic school is amazing! The teachers are very friendly and they're great role models!
    — Safa Wardere
  • Mes enfants sont dans une exellente ecole. Ils ont d 'exellent enseignants, une equipe educative formidable et motivee.
    — Rima Albarazi
  • Words can't describe what this school does and has been doing, they are truly one in a million, it is very rare to see a school that is so committed to their students.The change I have seen in my children, I could not have done it without them, they have improved in both academic and religion,also my children love going there when I till them you have to stay home becuse you have an appointment they become sad, its so cute MahshAllah.Their security system is very advance I feel safe nowing that (Allah is the protecter but Allah told us to take by means)To me Palm Tree School is a gift from god( I believe my mothers supplication has been answered) she always believed that a child becomes the best and happiest if he or she are in the Right environment. I will also till you this, this school will be one of the top schools in the notion(inshAllah). You have to see it to believe it. Jazakum Allahu Khairn PTS Your #1
    — Mona AbdulAllah
  • I noticed that after she (My niece) started at the school she has developed great strength in memorization and can communicate at an advanced level for her age... Her behavior has improved tremendously since being enrolled, both in her manners and how she communicates and interacts with other children and adults.
    — Hosson Ghannam